#Inktober # 11

#Inktober #11Basking in the sun, I was reading Danny Gregory’s “Art Before Breakfast” and Page 113 talks about not being so hung up on perfection, which in Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way,” she echoes that same sentiment. When you try to be too perfect, you pretty much take yourself right out of your creativity. Perfection can be the enemy because you aren’t willing to take the (positive) risks that come your way. If you want perfection, take a picture…..but If you want art, then take that leap of faith and let the art say what it needs to say.
I grabbed my sketchbook that my son and future daughter-in-law gave me last Christmas and I drew my wicker chairs using a twig and dipped it in ink. Then I tightened it up with a fountain pen filled with the same ink. See Page 110 and 111 for how Danny did this.