Today is the First Day of International Fake Journal Month aka IFJM

What is International Fake Journal Month?  IFJM was started by Roz Stendahl and it is a inspirational month for creatives to take a time out to create and be an alter ego.  However, you must do it in a journal of your own choosing.  I am not a writer, but occasionally I have a story that wants to be told, so this is a good way for me to do this.
You can read more about IFJM By going to the following link:

I have participated a few times, last year I did complete the month.  I was going to pick up the story from last year where I left off, but another story has been screaming to be let out, so I had to run with it.

I started writing mine in a homemade sketchbook.   Last year I wasn’t too visual, it was more about the story.  This year is pretty much starting off the same way.

Here is the sketchbook I made quickly so I could travel with it.  The cover has no relation to the story, or it might.  Time will tell.

 This year I wrote an introduction page.  I didn’t intend to but sometimes the Muse has different ideas.

I don’t know if you will be able to read my handwriting so I will transcribe it here.

  1. Introduction

My name is Sarah. I am an orphan.  My mother died not long after marrying my stepfather, Paul.   They had a wonderful relationship, even if my two evil step-sisters, Paul’s daughters, tried to ruin everything.  Their mother had left them for a low life golf pro.  She wasn’t a nice person to be around and my step-sisters don’t see her very often.  Paul is a wonderful person, devoted father and an all around great guy.  He still misses my mom.  Who am I? I am the great great great great great great great great (I lost count) granddaughter of the real Cinderella.  Yes, she was a real person and she is my ancestor.  My dad, who passed away in the war, was her descendant.  This is my April Journal that I am writing to remember that this is my Prom Month.


So here is my first day….

April 1,      Wow!  It’s finally here! My Prom Month!  It’s April 29th and I hope the weather is great!  Well, the weather is always great, here in Florida.  Unless a storm comes through, then we’re packing and heading for higher ground, like Kentucky.  I have to go today with my Dad (who’s really a step-dad but the only Dad I have) and my bitchy step sisters, to pick out my Prom gown. My step-sisters, Melissa and Stephanie.  What bitches.  They, of course, went all out and now that it is my turn, they told my Dad to take me to Wal-Mart for my dress.  My Dad assured me that he would take me to the same Prom dress shop he took them for their gowns.  I wish they both had gone away to school but of course they both had to stay home and go to the local university.  So they are still here.  Melissa is a dietary major and will graduate in May.  She needs to study harder because it isn’t working for her at all.  (See tiny sketch)