Here is Day 2….I did it earlier today but there was no way I was transcribing this on my tiny IPhone keyboard while we we bouncing up 95….I wrote this in the car this afternoon I think while we were driving thru South Carolina….

April 2,   I couldn’t find  my pink pen.  So I am using this green one.  Yesterday we went and looked a few dresses.  Melissa and Stephanie came and they  kept picking out the ugly ones and the ones that looked like they belonged on the Tropicana girl. They were no help at all.  I saw three I really liked but when I checked our Prom FB Group, other girls had them or had a different color. I want something different.  Dad said there are other stores so today we went out shopping WITHOUT the evil step-sisters and I think I found the dress!  We’re going out again in a little bit to check Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus and Macy’s in Miami.  I don’t want anything that looks like a Southern Belle, either.  Ugh, Steph’s dress last year looked like she stepped out of a Gone With the Wind meets Auntie Mame (Yes, I watch old movies with my Dad, he says they remind him of my mom).  Gotta go!  Heading Out!