So for those of you who didn’t read the first posts….I am participating in International Fake Journal Month where you write a journal in the first person as someone else….if you missed the first 7 days, go back to April 1st and catch up with the story.

Here is day 8…

April 8,  My artist grandmother came for a visit today.  She drove us down to the water where we sat and sketched together.  My grandmother travels a lot to paint and when she’s home she takes me out sketching with her.  We sat by the bridge and watched the manatees snuff around for food. There is one that likes to come over to get his belly scratched.  We call him “Manny” for lack of anything more creative to name our blubbery friend.  Manatees are gentle creatures that live in a delicate balance between their lives and dealing with inconsiderate humans.  Anyway, Manny came up and played with our feet dangling in the water.  Grandmom and I sketched and talked about stuff like the Prom and old fashioned shoes.  She thinks I should just wear the shoes for Promenade and wear something more comfortable the rest of the evening.  This way both the Cinderella Grandma and I are happy.


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