Some down time….( just a side now….I am handwriting these and what pops in my head…..if I were actually typing these, there would be adjustments to grammar).   Some of my ideas and sketches here are coming right out of my real sketchbooks.
April 9,  I had a softball game this morning.  We won 5-2.  Yay.  Went home, got showered.  Everyone was out.  I grabbed my sketchbook and came back down by the water and I am sketching, plus reading a book.  I actually have an open/free day.  No pesky Cinderella Grandma, no annoying step-sisters.   Just me and a nice warm Florida breeze with the lovely view of the nuclear power plant.  It’s nice to know we live so close to one of these.  My Aunt lives down in Jupiter and I don’t even think that she’s far enough away from this thing.  Uhm? This is Florida and we get hurricanes but it’s ok to build one of these on the coast down here?   I guess they don’t think of these things?  I hope we never get a nasty storm.  Manny and friends are floating around.  There’s also a ton of dolphins out in the lagoon today.  Actually, I can’t think of a Bette way to spend my Saturday afternoon.  Going to stop and read now.