So here is Day 10.  Some “back story” pieces are being woven into the story…..I meant to add why Sarah drew the juvenile Sandhill crane but the story took a path of it’s own.

April 10,   Well it’s another nice sunny day here in Florida.  On Sundays,  we go out for breakfast when there isn’t a sports activity.  Sunday breakfast can be good or bad depending on my evil step-sisters. Today they were annoying.  They are going on and on about my prom and the glass slippers and how they wished they could have worn them.  Of course they think the whole glass slipper thing is awesome.  Like I really want advice from them.  Unfortunately, they played the “Dad” card.  Stephanie asked about my real dad and what would he have wanted?  Really, I just don’t know.  My dad had four brothers.  Two of my uncles have boys, one never got married and the other never had kids.  So I am the only girl on Cinderella Grandma’s side of the family.  I guess she’s looking forward to my prom….UGH!

(Sandhill  baby we saw by the water.)