IFJM Day 11

Some more back story….Sarah’s step Dad find a lost treasure and we find out how her mom passed away…..to whoever asked, yes, I worked a “pink horse” into the story….

April 11,   So today another mom mystery.  Dad found this little pink sea horse pendant with sapphire blue eyes.  He doesn’t remember ever seeing it before.  He found it in an old jewelry box.  I remember that old red jewelry box.  It still plays the music but the little tiny ballerina bit the dust.  My mom’s aunt had given it to her.  I remember her telling me she used to play with it in my aunt’s bedroom.   I’ll have to ask my great aunt or my grandmother if  they know anything about this  pink sea horse pendant. It’s really beautiful.   It looks enameled and the sapphire eyes are so beautiful.  We don’t talk about what happened to my mom.  It’s very upsetting and it was  one of those accidents that should never have happened.  She was taking a walk one morning, 2 years ago.  Some jerk playing with his cell phone and texting lost control of his car. No more mom.  Still hurts.