IFJM Day 12

A day in the life of a modern day Cinderella…..these rainbow lizards really are running loose at the Indian Riverside Park in Jensen Beach, Fl. 

April 12,   We had batting practice today but coach let us go early because she had an appointment.  I still haven’t spoken to anyone yet about the pink sea horse.  It was quiet at home so I came over here to sit by the lagoon and do my homework.  There’s all these freaky lizards running around.  No one knows where they came from.  Somebody said they think someone let them go and now they are eating our smaller Florida lizards.  These larger ones like to hang out on the sidewalk or open grass.  I’ve been trying to get good sketches of them but they run away every time I try to sneak up on them.  This guy was really close to me.  I don’t think he saw me so I was able to get this sketch. I think the rainbow ones are the “boys.”