Woo Hoo..half the way there.  Today we find out that our teen age Cinderella does have a favorite ice cream flavor, or in this case, flavors….

April 15,  TGIF!  I don’t have any practice this weekend.  We won our game today.  My dad was there and after the game he suggested we go to Kilwin’s to get ice cream.  Yes!  We love ice cream at our house and in the non-snowbird season in Florida, you can actually walk in a normally busy place like Kilwin’s and get served immediately.

Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is one of my favorites.  I also like Chunky Monkey, but we don’t have any Ben & Jerry’s stores around here and sometimes it’s just fun to get that cone and sit by the Port St Lucie River and eat ice cream on a late Spring afternoon.  That’s what’s nice about Florida.  Stuart, Florida is a great place to hang out and we go there a lot.