IFJM Day 16

Cinderella Sarah’s favorite burgers and fries….she loves Five Guys.  Five Guys is a sure sign your child has graduated from being a kid to an adolescent.  They stop wanting the mass produced burger with the toy and graduate to the hand made patties and fresh potato French fries.   I didn’t take my kids to the mass produced burger places before Five Guys.  They liked Chick Fil A, then when Five Guys showed up….they were hooked.

April 16,   I bet whoever reads these pages is wondering why I am keeping a journal for my Prom month.  It wasn’t my idea, actually.  It was an “assignment” from my artist Grandma, the one who is my Mom’s Mother.  She felt that my mom would want me to have this as a memory someday for my children, especially if one is a girl.  I think it’s because Cinderella Grandmom believes all Cinderellas are special and should keep a diary ( and they are plotting.) ha ha.  Plus it’s a drawing exercise.  My favorite burger and fries are Five Guys.  Yep, we have Five Guys here is Florida!  I love Five Guys.  We’re going there for dinner tonight!