IFJM Day 23

Ok, this softball diamond is a little lame.  Just ran out of time today….typical teens, sports are just a blip on the screen, the more important stuff, like Proms, are what is important to them.

April 23,  softball game this morning.  We had to travel 45 minutes to get to the other high school but the trip was fun.  We talked both ways, about the Prom.  We won our game and the trip home was more talk about the Prom.  Some of my friends were asking me about my Cinderella shoes and was I going to wear them?  I asked my friends what they thought I should do.  Some thought it was awesome, others, so-so.  I agree, I have mixed feelings about  wearing the shoes, too.  A few of the girls suggested I just wear them to Promenade, where we show off  our gowns before Prom with all of our parents there.   you get pictures, then go to the Prom.  hmmmm, Maybe.