IFJM Day 24

Yes, Cinderella likes Game of Thrones, but she wasn’t permitted to watch it until she was over 17…..you’ll be surprised to here what other shows she likes😎

April 24,  Yes, it’s finally here!   Game of Thrones Season 6.  And I can watch it as it comes on TV.  I wasn’t permitted to watch it until I was 17.  Some of my friends weren’t either so when we were finally old enough, we had Game of Thrones nights over each other’s houses to catch up on the seasons.  Of course, some of us had to be “counseled” by our parents about some of the more racy episodes.  Seriously?! Some of the movies and videos out there are far worse!  So, today is G of T day.  My grandmother (the artist) said she’ll watch it with me.  Cinderella Grandma freaks out when she hears I’ve been permitted to watch it.  I told her I would wear the darn shoes to Promenade.  She shut up after that and gushed about the shoes.