A bunch of sketches!

Wow, you guys are really in for a treat tonight….I finally finished the sketchbook!  Here are the last two sketches….

You’re going to need to scroll all the way down for Sktchy # 32….

Tonight was sketch night.  We have been doing our Sketch Nights at the Library for the winter….tonight we sketched shoes and I showed everyone another way to do the shoes a la Danny Gregory….

And finally, here is this evenings Sktchy…

   This sort of just happened….I loosely scribbled this sketch in my morning pages…. I scanned it in and reduced it to 3.5 x 2.5 so I could fit it on an artist trading card.  I smooshed cray pas on the back of the photocopy and then transferred it to the trading card……The final result is on the bottom of the page.