Day two of sketching 100 people week

Here are my sketches for today….the goal is to try to 20 per day….I did 22 today….we bounced all over today.  We visited a greyhound track today.  It was the first time I ever saw dog races….

Then we came home to feed Chloe & Mack and then we popped out for coffee….

I sketched these people at a quaint cafe in Stuart that served awesome coffee….A far as coffee/tea shops….I think we found our new hang out.

Then we walked to the other end of Osceola Street where I sketched a few ladies who were waiting for their husbands…I am assuming they were  dropped off and then the spouses went to park the car.

Then we walked back to the car and John drove around looking to see who had the Rangers game on….we wound up at Miller’s Ale House again….I don’t like to hang out at bars but I got to do more sketches while John watched the game.

Turns out it was on the TV at home……😂

I posted one of these as my Sktchy because I want to relax now….