Zombie dolls

What do I do for fun?

Lately, I have been working in this Teesha Moore style sketchbook.  I started with a 22×30 sheet of watercolor paper and I actually painted it several years ago with watercolor on both sides.  I had used Halloween kitchen towels as my inspiration, then cut the sheet up for the Teesha Style journal.  It sat in my drawer for a few years until I thought of doing zombie dolls.  To smoosh the watercolor a bit, I went over the pages with acrylic, then I added my dolls.  As you can see, this is 3 page spread. 

These three zombie dolls are naughty siblings.  They make Pugsley and Wednesday Addams seem like saints.

The orange is cadmium orange watercolor.  It’s really bright, even when photographed.

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