Zombie doll from Sktchy

Ok. So by now you are all wondering how this got started.  I wanted to work on a project for Halloween. Last year, I took an internet workshop with Leslie Wood.  I saw her Little Deads in Art Journaling magazine and drooled.  I took the class, and Leslie encouraged us to create our own characters.  I saw a few dolls people posted on Sktchy and decided that spoofing dolls would be the perfect theme.  This was the first doll I finished.  I still have 5 pages to do.

The doll theme has me attic diving for my daughters old dolls.  In the process of doing this, I am reorganizing her doll stuff and giving them some TLC.  In the days to come, some of her dolls are being zombied.

The book is the 16 page Teesha Moore style that I had started several years ago with the intent of trying her collage technique.  Instead, I used it for this project.  I originally used watercolor, then took the book apart and added a little acrylic splashed over it for interest.  The orange and violet (Daniel Smith moonglow) are the background.  Probably some DS indigo, as well.  Leslie’s layering technique has repurposed many of my pages that I thought weren’t working.  I used Leslie’s technique over collage and I did a bunch of portraits in November last year with this technique.  I also use this technique in my regular sketchbooks to pre-prep pages before I go out and sketch.   Then I do sketches over the acrylic. Fun!

Here is today’s zombie doll.  This doll was posted on Sktchy and I used the photo as inspiration.

Here is the link to Sktchy and the doll, you have to swipe my image to see the original:


Below is a link to Part 1 of Teesha’s You Tube on how to make the journal.  There are two parts so make sure you watch both!

Here is the Little Dead class for the layering technique:


4 thoughts on “Zombie doll from Sktchy

  1. Oh! Very scary! Somehow the girl makes me think of the girl in Las Meninas from Velazquez. There something very weird and static about her and I can imagine that what you painted is how she really felt inside. I love it, it’s very expressive.


    1. Thank you! There is more pages to come. The original doll was just as creepy, lol. Some dolls are charming, some are not. This one fell into the creepy category.


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