Quick Morning sketch

I sketched this early this morning and almost forgot to post it here. My husband was urging me to get my morning routine finished quickly so we could do Christmas shopping. (I am typing this while John is driving on our tour de shopping.) I whip through the morning sketches pretty quickly. These quick early morning sketches are actually my “soccer drills.” I take 5-10 of my morning doing these to start my day off finishing something. It’s a good drill and a good way to start my day, plus have something to post here.

I saw this photo on Sktchy and thought, “wow, those berries are pretty.” It made me think that we should take the time during the holidays to enjoy nature. We haven’t hit winter yet on the calendar and there are so many ways that nature brings autumn to a close if you just stop and take the time to look. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a nature walk. Yesterday I was in Bayport Flower House and I love going there because there are plants, flowers, and they have lots of fountains with water tinkling all through the place. It’s a perfect spot to slow down and enjoy the beauty of the holidays. The displays are so tastefully done that you don’t feel like you are being slammed with “BUY THIS!” It’s done in a gentle tasteful manner that makes you slow down and enjoy the peace and quiet….I am sure that Saturdays are a zoo but Mondays were almost meditative.

PS, they have they have beautiful poinsettias. PINK poinsettias. I bought one!