If you could design the perfect super hero cape….

I take Carla Sonheim’s year long 365 class. It’s probably one of the best on line creative workshops out there. (Next is Sally Swindell’s Card making Workshop). Carla teaches a lot of really great creative prompts.

Today’s prompt was to design the perfect super hero cape. She gave us a worksheet and we are supposed to use it to create our version.

Here is mine and I hope you feel the same way about it as I do. I think it would be the perfect Christmas/Holiday gift.

My superhero cape heals the ills of this planet.

In a perfect world there is peace and harmony.

People respect the planet, live in small footprint homes, use reusable bags, walk or ride bikes more. Polar bears wouldn’t be starving, there would be no need to remind people to save the whales because we would be focused on saving and respecting everything. With everyone respecting Mother Earth, there would be no issues with war, race and religion. People would get along and work together because they realized that if we fight among each other the planet can’t be saved. They would plant trees together, they wouldn’t over harvest the ocean and planet. They would find alternatives to fossils fuels and all would be well. That’s what my cape would do.