Les chaussures

One of our 365 assignments was art and shoes.

We were instructed to do one line shoes, writing about how we feel about shoes and copying in our own artistic “language,” shoes done by Master artists of our choice.

The first photo is my one line shoes where we had to draw the first thing that popped into our heads without taking the pen off the page and doing it with one line.

Next, we had to take 2 minutes to write about how we felt about shoes. Then we had to find Master works of art with shoes and copy them to make them ours.

My memories of shoes goes back to those hideous Mary Janes that we had to wear. I had to wear a uniform to school. In the beginning of the school year we started with a comfortable saddle type shoe. Then came Christmas and the black Mary Janes. I hated them. I scuffed my way to Easter and then it was the white Mary Janes. What I didn’t do to those shoes! My relationship with shoes is more toward comfort and being as close to barefoot as possible. I like sneakers for walking and exercise. Hiking boots are great and they are warm! Slippers and sock slippers are a must for cold mornings. Dress shoes, like the Mary Janes, are on a “have to” wear basis. Preferably not.

My selections for Master copy were Renoir, Degas & Wyeth.