Happy Mother’s Day

My mom is in assisted living now.  We had to move her there a few weeks ago so she can be supervised and be in a safe environment.  The place she moved to allows pets, so her cats, Barney & Pumpkin, went with her.  Alas, my mom has long forgotten her cats names so she calls them by their colors. When I tried to correct her, she insisted that their names are Mr Blackman & Mr L’Orange.  I have learned not to argue with someone with dementia.  It’s like trying to correct a stubborn five year old.  You just change the subject and hope they don’t remember they were trying to win a debate.

She likes the place for the most part, then complains she’s bored.  We scratch our heads because when she was at home, she did nothing but stare at the TV.  Now she socializes and participates in activities and can even attend Mass now.  It’s not easy to see her memory declining, but she is more spunky and healthier looking now,  It’s actually a really nice place.  All one floor and the residents can’t go AWOL.

On Friday, John and I drove the three hour drive to see her.  We hung some of my paintings on her wall and we gave her a bird feeder for Mother’s Day, to hang outside her window.  We figured Barney and Pumpkin might like that, too.  We installed the feeder, played checkers while we waited for my son and grandson.  We entertained my mom and her fellow residents by accusing each other of cheating at checkers.  We basically stirred the pot a bit, LOL.  After “entertaining” the place,  we took my mom out for pizza with my son and grandson. After spending the afternoon with her, we made the long drive back to Long Island.

I have been promising my mom a little sketch of her cats.  I already gave her a really cute card for Mother’s Day, but I made this little postcard of Barney & Pumpkin deciding what to give her.  I figured it might make her feel more at home to get mail.   She doesn’t use a computer so she will see this when it is delivered.fullsizeoutput_653

Enjoy your day and have a Happy Mother’s Day.