Update and Today’s kitty

I spoke to my mom this afternoon. It’s a cold damp day so she can’t sit in the courtyard. She’s getting used to her new place and she’s delighted that she has birds visiting her feeder. Her cats like the feeder, too. Lol.

She has about 6 of her kitty cards now. She loves all of her cards. I guess we are going to have to get her a binder or something for her to put them in.

This kitty sketch was requested by Sherri Jones on the Sktchy app using the #ginapleasedrawmycat hashtag on Sktchy. I really appreciate the support I am getting. It’s tough to have a parent start to lose their memory, and I am trying to give my mom something to focus on, like going to the mailbox, etc, to look for the cat cards. She’s adjusting to assisted living even though occasionally sounds like it’s a prison😂. Getting mail is always fun.