Saturday and Sunday’s kitties

This weekend has been quite a full one and I actually forgot to post yesterday. I was working hard on some magnets that I was making out of my sketches. I spoke to my mom as I was doing them. She is all excited about the cats she received in the mail and she was especially excited about one that she received from an artist in the Netherlands, Tamara Linssen. I met Tamara on the Sktchy App. Tamara has been following my cats that pop up on Sktchy. Tamara wanted to send my mom a card, too, so I emailed her my mom’s address and she received it in the mail last week. I live 3 hours from my mom so I had been waiting for my sister to take my mom’s photo with her card from Tamara. My mom was especially touched by the kindness of a stranger many miles away. She has dementia, but she was aware that the card was special because someone she didn’t know cared enough to make and send her a card.

Thank you Tamara for your kindness!

I read in AARP magazine that laughter is the best medicine for dementia patients. Today’s postcard is simple and cartoony, but mom will love it because this is exactly what all cats do when there is a fly in the house.😂

Lastly, I have spent the last couple of days sketchbook diving for ideas for magnets and then drawing and painting them out. Quite a few were cats and I was surprised how many there were in my sketchbooks.

These magnets are small but I tried to make them tiny art that people can enjoy at their desks or on their refrigerator.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.