Now that I have a few minutes…..

The past several weeks have been busy for me. I am still working on designs for my Zazzle shop. I have out sketching for our “It takes a Village” Sketch Club show. And I was organizing it, rounding the sketchers up so they had opportunities to sketch in Patchogue so they would have something to show. Two of my sketches were accepted into that show by the juror! Yay!

We had Arts on Terry, a street festival for the arts, this past Sunday. I spent time organizing our booth for that event. I also made a bunch of magnets to sell. I may make more of them to sell on Etsy.

I also worked on a piece for the Patchogue Arts Council Show, called Patchworks. I really went out on a limb and did an abstract book to enter into the show. It was something very different for me and it was accepted! Cool! I am really excited about that one.

I will post photos of my pieces on exhibit when I pop into those shows for the receptions.

Lastly, today’s kitty is my interpretation of how Chloe and Mack would get back at our kitty, Cleo….who is in Florida, now. Cleo tortured them unmercifully. Cleo would attack them when they came in through the doggie door. This is their payback, lol.