My sisters’ birthdays today

My poor sisters have the misfortune of having 9/11 as their birthday. I’ll never forget that day back 2001. It was a gorgeous Tuesday morning. My youngest sister was getting married that coming Saturday. It was shaping up to be a nice week.

I remember stepping away from my desk and when I came back my coworker said something happened at the World Trade Center. I was like “AGAIN?!” I remember the tension and confusion as we were trying to get more information. We had techs working in that area. We called our coworkers in NYC to ensure their safety. I remember going upstairs to another company’s break room, where I stood with my friend Mike D, and watched the towers fall in shocked horror. Mike was also my manager and he sent us all home. It was horrible.

My sister’s wedding was more somber than a wedding should be. We had fun, but we also discussed the tragedy.

And now we live in the aftermath of that day.

This postcard to my mom is a toast to my two sisters who have their birthdays today. (I had to call mom to remind her to call my sisters😂.)

Happy Birthday Rose and Sue and here’s to you!🎉💐💕🍸🎂…..Eat, drink and be merry but don’t hit the floor! Lol.