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    1. Lol. You should. I picked up Cleo some catnip mice. We found a play box for cats we were going to give Cleo but I may give it to my mom’s cats.

      Thanks for the comments and likes. I am doing these cats for my mom. They are helping with her transition from her house to assisted living. The follows, likes and comments help me because they are feedback of when something is working or not. Looking back, I wish I thought to do something similar for my dad when he was in a nursing home. If you would like me to add your kitty to the lineup, I am on the Sktchy app. Here’s the link to my profile…..you can upload photos and message me when they are there.

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      1. Ooooh thank you! I’ll upload some of our kitties 🙂

        You’d also be welcome to submit posts to our Friday art cat section with a link back to your own blog.

        And I hear ya. Both my parents and grandmother went through similar things with me having to look after things. 😦


      2. Oh cool! Any time you’d like one of my kitties on your Friday blog, Let me know. That would be fun!

        The holiday kitties are being mailed to my mom and she hangs them in her apartment. She is fortunate that my sister found her a place that takes pets.

        My sister actually handles the day to day with my mom. I live three hours away so the postcards are a way to “drop in” on her every day.

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