Bunny days

It’s summer but that also means that it is baby bunny season. Be careful when you are mowing and keep an eye out for the little ones.

Here in Florida it is also baby lizard season and we have a bumper crop of anole babies this year. We have to watch where we walk because of all the tiny hatchlings. They get a little confused because they like to run to their plant but their plant isn’t always the best choice for escape.

We even have a green anole baby that was born a little over a month ago and Greenie is growing like a weed. Greenie has currently set up shop in the calla lily. Momma Greenie has been hanging out as well.

In the meantime, here is today’s bunny…

Arnie loves to tunnel through sugar cane fields, chewing the sugar cane stalks, which doesn’t make him popular with the sugar people.

Arnie started as a random shape in my morning pages.