Friendly Faces Day 40

Today’s prompt is a “culture different from my own.”

Today’s Reference photo of Seyma Mur, is from the Sktchy App. If you are an artist in need of inspiration or a subject reference photo, Sktchy may have what you are looking for. The nice thing is many of the people posting the photos are other artists. And many are non artists hoping that someone will use them as their Muse.

Friendly Faces Day 38

Today’s Prompt is “braids”

My muse today is Roz Stendahl who is always the first person I think of when “braids” come to mind. I have been following Roz a really long time and Roz started a few (in the early days) on line challenges like “International Fake Journal Month.”

Roz is the reason why I wanted to learn how to make homemade sketchbooks, which is where I did this sketch.