Another painting started

This boat has been put out to pasture.  It’s a shame because it looked like it used to be a nice boat.  It’s pretty big.  Word in the boatyard is that it is being stripped down and it will be burned in a boat burning next month in Sayville.  I wanted to capture it’s last days as a boat before it was towed away.  I never got to it during the plein air event, but I was able to get out today and work on it. I decided to do an oil painting to change things up a little.  

I used a watercolor pencil to sketch it out first and you can see the burnt sienna from the pencil marks mixing with the paint.  Most of that will go away once I add the final layer, this is just the underpainting.  The underpainting is where I put a thin layer of paint to mark where the big shapes are.  I will probably go back tomorrow to finish it, if not, next week, to give the oil a chance to dry a little before I move on to the next layers.

I did the front because I liked the shape of the boat better in the front. All the details will be added later, plus any additional tweaking of line, shapes and color.  Darker values will also be added later.