Another painting started

This boat has been put out to pasture.  It’s a shame because it looked like it used to be a nice boat.  It’s pretty big.  Word in the boatyard is that it is being stripped down and it will be burned in a boat burning next month in Sayville.  I wanted to capture it’s last days as a boat before it was towed away.  I never got to it during the plein air event, but I was able to get out today and work on it. I decided to do an oil painting to change things up a little.  

I used a watercolor pencil to sketch it out first and you can see the burnt sienna from the pencil marks mixing with the paint.  Most of that will go away once I add the final layer, this is just the underpainting.  The underpainting is where I put a thin layer of paint to mark where the big shapes are.  I will probably go back tomorrow to finish it, if not, next week, to give the oil a chance to dry a little before I move on to the next layers.

I did the front because I liked the shape of the boat better in the front. All the details will be added later, plus any additional tweaking of line, shapes and color.  Darker values will also be added later.


This took me two sessions to paint because when you paint outside, the light is always changing.  Plus painting with oils is not like painting with pastels, pastels are more forgiving.  So I went back two days later when the light was the same and finished it.  I don’t normally work in oils but I like to challenge myself.  Here is the painting I did of “Catch,” a restaurant in our Village.

Plein air and Sktchy # 71

There was a plein air event in Jupiter, FL and I found out the Quick Draw was this morning.  I didn’t have my pastels with me and this is the first time I participated in an event with a medium that I don’t normally use…..but I figured what the heck, I’ll give it a shot.

For those who don’t know what a Quick draw challenge is, you get two hours to do a painting and then they judge them and give out prizes.  There were a lot of great paintings and I was glad I did it using the oils.

I did have a lot of interruptions so there were a few things I didn’t get to in my painting.  People stop to ask questions and I didn’t have John with me to deflect the observers, since he stayed home to do things around the house.  I don’t mind the questions at all, but I realized how much John helps me when I paint, he usually entertains the people who stop to ask about what I am doing.

I didn’t win any prizes but I did win the satisfaction of following through a personal   challenge to use a medium I don’t use very much, tackling a complex subject within a two hour time frame and the final icing on the cake?  Seeing how all my hard work of drawing/painting/sketching every day with any medium and tackling any subject matter makes painting anything easier.  Who knows, I might take this one back to my studio and turn it into a larger painting.

“Red October”. The first time I saw the reference photo for this sketch I thought of the movie “Hunt for Red October” and the music played in my head as I sketched it. I killed a Bic Cristal sketching this lol. I hope I brought more with me.