11 day of Christmas

Ok. I was raised a Catholic. For us, the 12th day of Christmas is the Feast of the Epiphany, January 6th, aka Little Christmas. (For you folks in the UK, Happy 12th Night! ) Our tree stays up until the 6th.

When I was a kid, the tree didn’t go up until Christmas Eve and it came down on the 6th. Once I had kids of my own, with busy schedules, that tradition went out the window. Ours is a real tree that we cut fresh from a farm.

Here’s my 11th day of Christmas sketch, it is getting pretty crowded on the page…..the cat seems to like the pipers.

Tomorrow I will post Day 12. After that, I will have to think of another series to do.

These are done in my morning pages so that’s why there is a hint of a border here and there.