11 day of Christmas

Ok. I was raised a Catholic. For us, the 12th day of Christmas is the Feast of the Epiphany, January 6th, aka Little Christmas. (For you folks in the UK, Happy 12th Night! ) Our tree stays up until the 6th.

When I was a kid, the tree didn’t go up until Christmas Eve and it came down on the 6th. Once I had kids of my own, with busy schedules, that tradition went out the window. Ours is a real tree that we cut fresh from a farm.

Here’s my 11th day of Christmas sketch, it is getting pretty crowded on the page…..the cat seems to like the pipers.

Tomorrow I will post Day 12. After that, I will have to think of another series to do.

These are done in my morning pages so that’s why there is a hint of a border here and there.

10th Day of Christmas

Definitely takes more planning when adding more days to the 12 days of Christmas!

Also, the two following sketches are from last night’s sketch night. The doll, Brittany, was sketched as one of the Zombie dolls back in November.