Christmas Countdown Day 5

I started out by drawing the garland and wound up adding the door and the kitty. This way I could mail it to my mom as a postcard. My mom has a black tuxedo kitty with white paws named Barney. Barney is an outgoing kitty who is very adaptable. I put him in front of the door.

The door was inspired by a photo I took in Old City Philadelphia many years ago. I used to go to a cemetery there to paint because it is a beautiful place in the Spring. It’s just off of South Street. I haven’t been there in a long time.

The historic district of Philly is probably my most favorite place in Philly. There’s something really awe inspiring when you walk where the history of our country started, knowing that Ben Franklin and John Adams were there and these places still exist. I occasionally walked by Ben Franklin’s grave when I took my lunch time strolls. Amazing. anyway, this door is a nod to history and that part of the city.