Christmas Art Countdown Day 15

The prompt for today is scarf….and we had a small warbler fly into the house this afternoon. I had the side door of the garage open and I heard my father-in-law say something about a bird. A little guy had flown into the house. My husband thought it was a sparrow but this little fellow had a bug catching beak. He had some color but not much, a tinge of yellow. He didn’t seem to be afraid of us. He flew across the house into our bedroom where he hid under the pillows. There are a LOT of raptors in the neighborhood so there is a good chance he was pursued and ducked into the garage for safety. We have a ton of palm warblers in the area and this little fellow looked like one although he wasn’t shaking his booty in the house.

We helped him leave the house through a window. I could hear a whole bunch of the warblers outside so I imagine his little tribe was looking for him. This time of year in our part of Florida, we get a lot of the palm warblers. They have a small thin reedy “peep” and they can make a little bit of a racket when there is a bunch of them. When I am sitting at my desk, or out on the lanai, I’ll hear their peep noises. They are adorable. They do a little butt bounce that makes them look like they have a nervous twitch. They love bugs and pig out on our lawn or refresh themselves in the birdbath.

This chubby fellow isn’t a palm warbler but he has personality. Why draw just a scarf when you can put one on a cardinal.