When artists play…

I was on a Zoom yesterday with an artists’ group that I belong to… We were invited to create something from a still life they posted. I allowed myself to think outside the box and this is what came from that still life.

I used an 8 1/2 x 11 sketchbook that I bought from Michael’s. Instead of sketching it out, I chose some random Tombow markers and started to draw with the Tombows. Usually this paper is a little fussy with the Tombows but it behaved nicely with the blender pen which was a pleasant surprise. I decided to use the checkered tile pattern as the background and I used colored pencils, smudging them, and Tombows for the checked pattern.

While I did this, I listened to a podcast and I was so caught up in the podcast and my drawing that before I knew it, the time came to make dinner!