Inktober Day 8

It’s the eighth day of the Inktober Challenge and today’s prompt is “match.” Now I have to admit, the first thing I thought of to skate by this one was to draw a match stick and be done with it. That was a pretty simple solution. OK, I could have sketched a pack of matches or a box of stick matches if I really wanted to do something more involved. That would have take a little more time but it would have been interesting.

Or I could have just made my life easier, drew the match with a flame burning for the Day 5 post and then been a wise ass today and just posted “see day 5 for today’s “match.” That would have been a little bit simple as well, right? But it would have kind of defeated the purpose of doing each prompt separately and it’s not like we are being graded for these.

I could draw a match with a face and burning hair. (Which makes me think of the burning candle(?) from one of the “Christmas Carol” movies.) Mmmm, a little bit scary? No.

Then I just drew one of my little witch’s and suddenly I thought of two witch sisters in matching outfits so I did a sketch and that’s how today’s drawing came to be. Unfortunately, working with ink means an occasional mishap, and I accidentally smeared this one a little, but it still looks ok. That’s really the only negative about working traditionally is you can mess things up a bit. But some things can be repaired digitally so if I were to take this and scan it, I could remove anything I thought was a problem. White out doesn’t really look good on the text wove paper. Best to leave it and not make it any worse.

Inktober Day 8
Pen and Ink drawing of two little witches holding hands with matching outfits and holding pumpkins. They have striped tights and dresses decorated with stars.  Their witch hat have sickle moons. Grey ink added for shading and interest. Also show with Uniball vision, Lamy Safari and Kuretake Cambrio pens
Inktober Day 8 “Match”