The toughest part about being an artist and promoting your work is the marketing part. I try to schedule my posts but sometimes I get behind and this is one of those times. The holidays add another list of chores to an already busy day. Taking 5 minutes to take a photo can be a challenge. These are the days when perseverance becomes an important part of my daily life.

I chose the prompt “Icicles” for today’s Art Challenge. I have been doing these on my iPad and I use the iPad the same way I would sketch it out on paper, but with a twist. I can use different layers to sketch out my subject and each layer has a different piece of the composite. The original gestural sketch doesn’t need to be erased, all I need to do is turn it off. I love creating art the traditional way but my iPad does make it a bit quicker.

This little reindeer character has been hanging out in my sketchbook and my iPad. Today he has a little bit of a frozen antler problem.

The next photo is my stamp carving for today.