Ski Lift

I almost didn’t do this prompt but I am not one to avoid a challenge, especially when I really got into doing the background. I pulled up a few of my photos from a Colorado trip as a reference and I found that the Apple pencil was well suited for doing the trees. I had to fuss with the wires but I didn’t want them looking “artificial” so I had to redo them several times. I did use the Procreate perspective guide which was really helpful. I look at this and I like that I captured the cold, weak light of winter.

Today seemed a day of multiple challenges. I was playing with the cutter to do a Linocut wreath. It came out pretty decent, after I filled up four pages in my sketchbook of test runs. LOL. It was done free style so I didn’t draw out a sketch for transfer to the linocut material, I winged it. It was a little daring but I am happy with it.