Carve December Day 9

9 days done. I almost forgot to do today’s stamp. I sat and sketched out my design while listening to Christmas music. I like to listen to a variety of Christmas music from carols, to classical, to contemporary. Sometimes sneaking in Soundtrack music like Love, Actually or Scott McCreery’s “Five More Minutes.”

During the day, I’ll occasionally take a break to let Chloe and Mack out for a potty break. I mentioned the other day that I saw a hummingbird. I’ve been hearing them buzzing around and today, I laughed out loud when I saw one checking out my neighbor’s fake poinsettias attached to her lamp post. Poor things. I’ll have to remember to move my (real) poinsettias closer to the edge of the patio so that they have real ones to visit. I don’t know if they’ll get anything out of them though.

Here is my stamp, which is sort of an experiment with the positive and negative space.

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    1. I live in Florida. We get a lot of migrating birds and the residents. The wildlife is one of the things I love about living here. One of the coolest birds are the spoonbills. You can’t miss them when they are flying because they are so pink

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