Carve December Day 19

The stamp for Day 19 is building on the stamps from the past few days. I have been experimenting with patterns using the previous stamps. I may even combine them with my stamps from last Carve December.

As you can see, I just need to get refill ink for my red ink pad….

3 thoughts on “Carve December Day 19

    1. @balzerdesigns and @balzerartgallery are good instagram accounts to follow plus Julie Fai-Fan Balzer has a book that’s good as well. Look up Carve December because other artists like Sarah Matthews have videos

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  1. I actually took the plunge and bought the bare minimum supplies I’d need to get started… I think I’m gonna get addicted! It’s so much fun and so satisfying! I’ve always loved stamps, so I could really see myself doing this a lot.

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