Phragmites Troll

Oooooo this guy’s a true environmental pest. PT hides in phragmites marshes to gather up the seeds for spreading to other wetlands.

Phragmites is an invasive plant here on the East Coast and it has been choking out native species like the cattails.

Happy St Patrick’s Day

It’s St Patrick’s Day….again. LOL It feels like St Patrick’s Day is Groundhog Day. Later on today I will be cooking my traditional meal. And I’ll make Irish soda bread and Irish Potatoes (candy). I grew up in Philadelphia and we always had Irish potato candy around St Patrick’s Day. Every candy shop carried them. Even the supermarkets carried them! The best, though, were the homemade ones. My kids could scarf up a batch of them in no time which meant I made them the night before or we wouldn’t have them for St Patrick’s Day.

Here is today’s sketchbook page…

Douglass the Irish Terrier loves to eat Irish potatoes and soda bread with raisins, digging holes and chasing leprechauns away from their pots of gold.