Today’s sketch from Main Street

I don’t normally like to go out during midday in the summer to sketch or paint.  It’s too hot, and I burn to a nice shade of cooked lobster in the sun. Yep, I use sun screen but I have to keep reapplying it and if I forget….lobster.  Today was an exception because it was overcast and I sat on  the shady side of Main Street.

 I set up in front of Swell Taco.  Which is funny because the last sketch I posted was of Swell Taco….While I sketched, I listened to the people going in and out of Swell Taco.  One couple came out and the young woman remarked that she was so full she could puke…..Nice.  Thank you for sharing that.

Wow, someone was playing “Staying Alive” from Saturday Night Fever, full blast from their car….looking up, I saw an older man in a convertible.  Dude, seriously?! I graduated from 8th grade when that came out and I still don’t like Disco!  Don’t you have any Imagine Dragons or Muse? Coldplay?  Anything from Chris Cornell?  The 70’s are over! Sheesh.

Anyway, I got the sketch finished even after my ears were subjected to such torture. I added the touches of color with Tombows after I got home. The Strathmore toned paper really seems to like Tombows and it doesn’t bleed on the other side.

I like the collage idea of multiple sketches….It was fun, like a graphic novel.

Hmmm? Maybe I’ll write a horror story about a pyscho torturing people with disco music.