Coffee shop kitty

John and I popped into the new coffee shop today during our linch break. It’s a very nice place and they are doing it right, they are offering all sorts of beverages, quick bites, smoothies, etc to tantalize many taste buds. If I were to run a coffee shop, that’s what I would do, too! They have ice cream/gelato, too.

John got the cold brew and I got the latte and we both were happy with our selections. They also offer donuts, pastries, all sorts of cool stuff, crumb cake and they even had my favorite, coconut cupcakes! And a donut with bacon on it!

While we were sipping our beverages, I sketched this and added my “trademark” kitty, Cleo. Cleo celebrated her 3rd “birthday” aka we “found her” day on the 17th. We weren’t looking for a cat but she found us. We brought her home as a tiny street kitty. Now she’s Cleopatra.😂. Cleo is enjoying her life in Florida. Maybe my daughter will give her a bug to play with.

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