Inktober Day 8 – Teeth

The prompt today was teeth and I almost did a shark, but then I thought it would be a cop out to my “Little Witch” series, which at the moment, is focused on the dragonet.

So how could I best represent a dragon’s teeth. Working in a 4×6 space, adding the witch to check the dragon’s teeth or something along those lines forces me to work tiny. Then I thought of kitty and a stretchy dragon yawning and showing his teeth made more sense.

I sketched two versions in my sketchbook and then I uploaded one of the sketches in Procreate, tweaked it, then downloaded it and printed it out to send to my mom. Not very Halloweenish but sometimes the story takes a life of its own.

Here are both versions:

Here is the Procreate “ink” version
This version was printed out on cardstock and I used Arteza pens to add color. This one will be mailed to my mom.

An added note, all of these are postcards I mail to my mom, who is in an assisted living facility for memory care. She is in NJ and I live in Florida so I try to make her postcards and mail them to her as often as I can. The #342 is the number of postcards I have mailed her.