Carve December Day 20

Eleven Days of Carve December to go! Then this will also be the end of 2022.

Today’s stamp is a snowflake that I am adding to my patterns. Today’s print is being combined with the previous days’ prints to see how they look together. This is one just pattern combination.

I still need to refill the red ink or get a new red ink pad.

Carve December Day 19

The stamp for Day 19 is building on the stamps from the past few days. I have been experimenting with patterns using the previous stamps. I may even combine them with my stamps from last Carve December.

As you can see, I just need to get refill ink for my red ink pad….

Carve December Day 16

Today I felt like making a border stamp that I could use to “frame” a page. This one worked out like I hoped it would so I may go back and use it to “frame” the few past pages in my sketchbook.

Mack update: He seems to be doing much better and he was very happy when “daddee” took him for a car ride. He occasionally has an issue with steps, but he’s looking a lot better!

Carve December Day 14 & 15

I did carve Day 14 yesterday and took the photo but forgot to post it. In my defense, we’ve lost some sleep and have been worried and stressed over Mack, our long haired Chihuahua, because he‘s been sick since Saturday. We could see him slowly getting worse each day and by Sunday, he was a limp rag doll. He wouldn’t eat or drink fluids, which was totally unlike him. He’s our food thief so for him to visibly refuse food and water was scary.

We took him to the doggie ER on Sunday. His face was swollen and his eyes were puffy and we thought that he maybe had a sinus infection. The ER couldn’t find anything wrong and chalked it up to an allergic reaction and gave him Benadryl.

Monday came with him being unresponsive after the Benadryl so we stopped giving him that. We called our family vet and made an appointment but the earliest they could give us was Tuesday. I took Mack out into the sun for 15 minutes which helped and he ate and drank a little.

Tuesday came with rag doll Mack again but fortunately had a vet appointment. Our vet knows Mack pretty well and she could see he wasn’t right. They took blood work, etc, gave him an IV and some B12. We were all perplexed because he had no obvious issues so all we could do was wait for all the tests to come back.

A Wednesday morning and Mack was still lethargic. The vet called after lunch. Apparently when we traveled up North with Chloe and Mack, the week after Thanksgiving, Mack must have been bitten by a tick on the trip. Yes, they are on flea and tick meds. Nice to know that the $50 a dose flea and tick meds helped. NOT.

The vet explained to us that ticks in Florida are uncommon so it’s most likely he picked up something on the trip up North, maybe at a rest stop. They gave him prednisone and an antibiotic that we had to get at CVS. We had to crush the first doses and mix it with gravy to get them in him.

Today? He just shoved Chloe out of the way to get to her lunch so I gave her his lunch. He’s doing better today and is eating and drinking on his own, much to our relief. We had a scary stressful few days but he seems to be healing.

Whew! Here are today’s and yesterday’s stamps.

Carve December Day 11

Today played around with a tree. It’s a simple shape that I can quickly carve and post. In fact it will probably take more time to type and post this than it took to carve it. Maybe.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Carve December Day 10

We’ve been putting up our holiday decorations, in between working. And I have been trying to squeeze in the stamps. I haven’t really been following the prompts and they are only suggested, anyway. I am trying to create a bunch of of holiday stamps that I can incorporate into my own creations. Last year I created greeting cards using my stamps. This year’s Christmas card had to be done before Thanksgiving in order to get the discount from the printer. I was able to get that done so no hand assembled cards this year.

Today’s holiday stamp is a Christmas stocking. I sketched a few and I might do a few stocking stamps for variety.

Carve December Day 9

9 days done. I almost forgot to do today’s stamp. I sat and sketched out my design while listening to Christmas music. I like to listen to a variety of Christmas music from carols, to classical, to contemporary. Sometimes sneaking in Soundtrack music like Love, Actually or Scott McCreery’s “Five More Minutes.”

During the day, I’ll occasionally take a break to let Chloe and Mack out for a potty break. I mentioned the other day that I saw a hummingbird. I’ve been hearing them buzzing around and today, I laughed out loud when I saw one checking out my neighbor’s fake poinsettias attached to her lamp post. Poor things. I’ll have to remember to move my (real) poinsettias closer to the edge of the patio so that they have real ones to visit. I don’t know if they’ll get anything out of them though.

Here is my stamp, which is sort of an experiment with the positive and negative space.