Frosty bunny

In the lone reaches of an alpine meadow sits Frosty, a high mountain bunny.

I forgot to add on the previous bunny posts that these sketches are done in my Innovative Journal, that I stitched myself from a kit.

All the bunnies are from my imagination, painted with gouache and they are not digitally touched up. They have been photographed with my iPhone 12 Pro.

Hot dog bunny

Some of my bunnies don’t happen to look like real bunnies. This one is more like a cross between a dachshund and a punk rock rabbit.

Marcus is a bit of a stuffy fellow. It took him a while to style his hair. Too bad he didn’t know about the stormy forecast.

Lola Bunny

Lola is the happiest bunny ever! Her mom just baked a carrot cake for her birthday! She couldn’t wait for her cake!

But, neither could that awful bear, Byron.

Bunny days

It’s summer but that also means that it is baby bunny season. Be careful when you are mowing and keep an eye out for the little ones.

Here in Florida it is also baby lizard season and we have a bumper crop of anole babies this year. We have to watch where we walk because of all the tiny hatchlings. They get a little confused because they like to run to their plant but their plant isn’t always the best choice for escape.

We even have a green anole baby that was born a little over a month ago and Greenie is growing like a weed. Greenie has currently set up shop in the calla lily. Momma Greenie has been hanging out as well.

In the meantime, here is today’s bunny…

Arnie loves to tunnel through sugar cane fields, chewing the sugar cane stalks, which doesn’t make him popular with the sugar people.

Arnie started as a random shape in my morning pages.

Bunnies are back

I am working on my spring sketchbook again after a little hiatus. Yeah I know, it’s high summer. As I am typing this, a shelf cloud crawls across the sky covering us with a thunderstorm blanket. The palms look like tall thin ladies with their hair blowing behind them. Two sandhill cranes walked by my window with two fuzzy babies. I ran out to take their photo before they are gone. They don’t seem to mind the rain.

Back to the bunnies….These bunnies came from random blobs in my morning pages. I don’t always see bunnies in the blobs but I have a bunch that I can use to finish the sketchbook…though a stray bird or other animal may pop in.

Snowball spotted a juicy patch of dandelions from her favorite tanning rock, but Sandy the fox has her burrow over there. Decisions decisions.

When artists play…

I was on a Zoom yesterday with an artists’ group that I belong to… We were invited to create something from a still life they posted. I allowed myself to think outside the box and this is what came from that still life.

I used an 8 1/2 x 11 sketchbook that I bought from Michael’s. Instead of sketching it out, I chose some random Tombow markers and started to draw with the Tombows. Usually this paper is a little fussy with the Tombows but it behaved nicely with the blender pen which was a pleasant surprise. I decided to use the checkered tile pattern as the background and I used colored pencils, smudging them, and Tombows for the checked pattern.

While I did this, I listened to a podcast and I was so caught up in the podcast and my drawing that before I knew it, the time came to make dinner!