Blow up bear

This bear has been on our lawn for a few years. We recently purchased a new fan for him but he hasn’t been staying upright too well. I sketched him at a good moment. We are still tweaking him and he may need a bit of waterproofing or something to get him right.

Old time Santas

Sorry folks. Been sick since Sunday. I did manage to sketch some of our holiday Santas in the short bouts of being alert. I just had no energy to post it here. Good thing all of my presents are wrapped. I need to do food shopping but most of my holiday shopping is done.

These Santas are representations of period Santas. I don’t know much about them, I think they are ornaments. John had some and I had some. We don’t use them as ornaments.

Each one has a different personality, which is cool, they aren’t cookie cutter Santas.

If you could design the perfect super hero cape….

I take Carla Sonheim’s year long 365 class. It’s probably one of the best on line creative workshops out there. (Next is Sally Swindell’s Card making Workshop). Carla teaches a lot of really great creative prompts.

Today’s prompt was to design the perfect super hero cape. She gave us a worksheet and we are supposed to use it to create our version.

Here is mine and I hope you feel the same way about it as I do. I think it would be the perfect Christmas/Holiday gift.

My superhero cape heals the ills of this planet.

In a perfect world there is peace and harmony.

People respect the planet, live in small footprint homes, use reusable bags, walk or ride bikes more. Polar bears wouldn’t be starving, there would be no need to remind people to save the whales because we would be focused on saving and respecting everything. With everyone respecting Mother Earth, there would be no issues with war, race and religion. People would get along and work together because they realized that if we fight among each other the planet can’t be saved. They would plant trees together, they wouldn’t over harvest the ocean and planet. They would find alternatives to fossils fuels and all would be well. That’s what my cape would do.

Sketch Night sketches

With the days being shorter and colder, our sketch club has been sketching at the local library. Yesterday evening we sketched some holiday plants. I clipped some branches from our holly tree. Someone else brought poinsettias. There was candy and mints (drat, I forgot to bring some of those home for John!) and other goodies to sketch. Here are my two from last night.

Pun intended

I was scrolling through my saved Sktchy photos this morning and saw this photo and the caption just popped into my head…..😂

My morning routine is down to a page. I used to do a two page format but I switched to a one page format for December and I like it so much I may stick with it. Now there is a sketch on every page. Maybe for tomorrow’s post I will post the new format.

The sketchbook I am using for my morning pages is the $5 Artist Loft from Michaels and it handles Tombows (and waterbrush) quite well with no bleed on the other side. I am quite astounded and impressed. It’s perfect for my early morning “soccer drill” sketches.

Quick Morning sketch

I sketched this early this morning and almost forgot to post it here. My husband was urging me to get my morning routine finished quickly so we could do Christmas shopping. (I am typing this while John is driving on our tour de shopping.) I whip through the morning sketches pretty quickly. These quick early morning sketches are actually my “soccer drills.” I take 5-10 of my morning doing these to start my day off finishing something. It’s a good drill and a good way to start my day, plus have something to post here.

I saw this photo on Sktchy and thought, “wow, those berries are pretty.” It made me think that we should take the time during the holidays to enjoy nature. We haven’t hit winter yet on the calendar and there are so many ways that nature brings autumn to a close if you just stop and take the time to look. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a nature walk. Yesterday I was in Bayport Flower House and I love going there because there are plants, flowers, and they have lots of fountains with water tinkling all through the place. It’s a perfect spot to slow down and enjoy the beauty of the holidays. The displays are so tastefully done that you don’t feel like you are being slammed with “BUY THIS!” It’s done in a gentle tasteful manner that makes you slow down and enjoy the peace and quiet….I am sure that Saturdays are a zoo but Mondays were almost meditative.

PS, they have they have beautiful poinsettias. PINK poinsettias. I bought one!

Santa Clown and something totally awesome

I found out last week that my Horses of Asia map was selected for They Draw and Travel’s Maps of Asia book! I am so excited! You can get a copy of the book from Amazon!

This morning’s sketch inspiration:

There are multiple submissions on Sktchy of clowns, especially since clowns are thought of as being sinister, thanks to Stephen King. I sketched this clown and turned him into something benign, a clown Santa.

Sunday Sketch

Man comes into a bar and finds a small dog drinking on the bar. He asks the bartender, “What’s with the dog?”

Bartender says, “He turned 21 today.”