#Inktober Day 4 and Raku sketches

Here is my #Inktober Day 4. I sketched this at the nursing home visiting my mother-in-law while my husband hovered waiting to snatch up his favorite candy. They were coloring and I had given my mother-in-law some candy which she happily ate and we all created “art” together…..my husband eventually got the peppermint patty.
Now for some cool stuff….these were done later this afternoon and early this evening at the Raku party that the Patchogue Arts Council held to kick off PAC MAC week. I really enjoyed doing this and can’t wait until they do it again!!!

A disclaimer, these are NOT meant to be masterpieces or something to hang on a wall, these were “moments” I tried to capture quickly. I didn’t add watercolor until after I got home and I hadn’t planned on sketching so all I had on me was my homemade sketchbook that I carry in my handbag and a Lamy Safari pen that had Noodlers Violet ink in it, which I noticed was not waterproof…….

If you haven’t done raku, it’s a pyro’s dream, LMAO. It’s so awesome!
I also include a photo of my pots.


Sketching before dark

I had to get my sketching “fix” this evening. I was driving along looking for something to catch my eye and this house caught my attention. It looks like it belongs in the French Quarter but it’s right here in Bayport NY


Saturday’s Patchogue Garden Tour

This is one of my sketches from Saturday’s Patchogue Garden Tour. I know the object was flowers, but I REALLY liked house #6.

Below is an experiment that I never tried before but I have a grey paper sketchbook and I just had to do the white chairs with White gel pen.

Scan 5

Something I learned while sketching in Florida

2015-06-27 10.58.57

Folks, I have been wanting to type this since I came back from Florida. The more I paint and sketch, the more I want to get out and do it and I usually lug around this large carry all black bag with all sorts of supplies that I usually wind up never using. Many of you have seen the bag and have seen me shlepp tons of stuff to sketch. I look like a bag lady. I was even shlepping this bag through NYC while sketching with the Urban Sketchers. GAWD!

When I was in Florida and traveling with my family, I learned some very important things about traveling light, especially with an impatient 20 year old who would roll her eyes when she saw the heavy black bag. The bag would slow us down, and I had to decide what was the barest of essentials that I could carry with me. So I grabbed the most important items. A Sketchbook, fountain pen, water brush and my pocket palette.

This kit can go ANYWHERE. It can boldly go where pastels, acrylics and oils cannot (try shlepping your pastels around Universal Studios, if you can get them past the gate, and why bother, anyway? This is less messy and you can eat your lunch and use this kit…)….this is a “no excuses” travel kit.

Many urban sketchers will see this kit and nod their heads sagely, they know all about traveling light. It’s about always being ready to whip out that pen and record your surroundings. These items can be stowed it in your handbag or fanny pack and they are light. You can go lighter if you make your own sketchbook, but this the perfect setup. The only other item I carry with me that I have added since is a white gel pen.

You saw the photos of my sketches done at Universal Studios. I did them while my husband and daughter went on the crazy roller coasters. Yes, I also went on some of the rides and I did lots of activities and still managed to sketch. The kit fit nicely in the lockers when we had to stow away our loose items.

So if you have been wanting to sketch and not sure what to bring, try going small with a pen and your sketchbook, then go from there.