Friendly Face Day 31

Today’s prompt is librarian. Librarians are usually avid readers and I thought of drawing someone carrying books but then I thought someone reading a book would be better.

I did use a Sktchy reference photo but I took a lot of artistic license; basically, I used the book and winged the rest.

Friendly Faces Day 30

Today’s prompt is sleepy eyes. I felt like going rogue today and not use a reference for my character. I just plopped gouache on the paper and started making a head shape and I sketched features with pencil. Slowly a winter elf emerged. I added the snowflakes at the end. I was thinking of the peace and stillness I felt when there was a gentle snowfall and just standing there, taking it in. You could hear the flakes hitting leaves and autumn debris. A lot of times, major snowstorms would start quietly, with just gentle flakes. Snow didn’t come in like a thunderstorm. Many times snowflakes came in slowly, subtly and then they brought friends; more snow and wind.

So this elf is standing outside, taking in the peace of the quietly falling snow.

Friendly Faces Day 25

I like that this daily challenge is forcing me to find shortcuts and it’s fun for me to play with the prompts to stretch or exaggerate a feature. Or to head in a completely different direction like using a plant for heart.

Today’s prompt is “rock star.“ This sketch, painted with gouache, has not been digitally touched up.

Friendly Faces Challenge

I joined this challenge to brush up on my gouache skills. Not that I really need it but when I play with a material for a while, creative things happen. I use two different types of gouache and this one is chalky and you can reactivate it. It handles differently so I like to try pushing media to see what else I can make it do. And if all fails, I pull out the colored pencils and go over the top, lol.

Today’s prompt is “a culture different from my own.” I chose this photo from Sktchy however I suspect it is Chief Joseph so I don’t know who else to credit for this one.

Words cannot express how I feel about how badly the Indigenous peoples of North America and Hawaii were treated. And had badly they are still being treated.