Christmas Art Countdown Day 10

Wow, 15 days before Christmas. 2020 slowly coming to an end. This time last year, I remember being so excited about the New Year coming, thinking that 2020 would hold lots of promise. Little did we know what we had in store for us.

This fellow is happy just to be away from human settlements. He was actually modeled after my garden moose, who has had his antlers broken several times. I looked at him today and I am thinking about using epoxy sculpt to resculpt his antlers to fix the breaks and strengthen him a little.

Christmas Art Countdown Day 9

I started my day working on my iPad this morning, trying to get ahead of some designs. Before I knew it, I ran low on battery power. I figured this was the perfect time to get my post written, while the iPad is recharging.

One thing about being an artist is I never seem to have enough desk space. I could have a whole room of counter space and I think I would still feel cramped. I tried to type this with a sketchbook on my desk until I realized that trying to type over the sketchbook was causing a lot of typos.

It’s cold here in Florida. OK, for those of you scoffing in the Northeast, it’s in the low 40’s overnight here. You would be cold in the NE, too. Orlando got down into the 30’s. For those of you who are not as familiar with Florida as you think you are…we DO get seasons down here. Not like you do up North, but trees actually lose leaves here. The one in our backyard is funny. When it gets cold I swear it just dumps leaves over night like a whomping willow. John and I were out doing some shopping this evening and we were like, “sheesh, it feels like Long Island!” This cool weather will come and go until March. On the bright side, at least it FEELS like Christmas. We do cover plants that might get cranky when it is cool. Oh, and Florida CAN get snow, at least in North Florida, like Jacksonville or Tallahassee. I live at the top of South Florida, just below the “frost line” where supposedly you don’t get frost. That’s a load of crap, too, because parts of South Florida, like the Lake Okeechobee area, can get frost and they have a frost warning up tonight for those in frost prone areas.

The manatees are the true Floridas. They bug out and head for warmer waters. They might be chubby but they do not like the cold.

Here’s the perfect sketch for cold weather…..

Christmas Art Countdown Day 8

Day 8 came to me after a bit of writing on and entirely different subject. I wrote a quick story about Christmas Eve with my husband’s family and sat in bed thinking of what I could do for Mistletoe and I pulled out my ipad and sketched this idea. When I got up, this is what came of that sketch. I find that straddling different forms of creative expression can help pollinate another form of creative expression to come up with ideas that would not have happened otherwise.

Christmas Countdown Day 6 – St Nicholas Day

Today is St Nicholas Day. I celebrated St Nicholas Day with my kids as they were growing up when a friend told me that he and his wife celebrated St Nicholas’ Day with their children. They were Italian and apparently their family brought the tradition with them from Italy.

When my son was around three, I started the tradition for him. He would wake up to find something in his shoes. When I had my daughter, I continued with her and as we had grandchildren, we used to pop over secretly to leave something on their porches, but since we now live over 1200 miles away, we have to ship their surprises. Their parent’s received the small gifts and they will be out for the kids tomorrow. My husband’s family didn’t celebrate St Nicholas Day so my step daughters didn’t know what it was and I had to explain it to them. I am surprised because one of them has a father-in-law who’s family is still in Italy. I guess it depended on what part of Italy they came from? I don’t know but it was fun to secretly drive over to drop gifts off on the porches. It made us feel like we really were St Nick in a small way.

Today’s prompt is Nutcracker. We have a bunch of these guys. My husband loves them. He sets up a Winter Wonderland every year and we are currently getting the house prepped for it. I’ll post photos when they are done.

Christmas Countdown Day 5

I started out by drawing the garland and wound up adding the door and the kitty. This way I could mail it to my mom as a postcard. My mom has a black tuxedo kitty with white paws named Barney. Barney is an outgoing kitty who is very adaptable. I put him in front of the door.

The door was inspired by a photo I took in Old City Philadelphia many years ago. I used to go to a cemetery there to paint because it is a beautiful place in the Spring. It’s just off of South Street. I haven’t been there in a long time.

The historic district of Philly is probably my most favorite place in Philly. There’s something really awe inspiring when you walk where the history of our country started, knowing that Ben Franklin and John Adams were there and these places still exist. I occasionally walked by Ben Franklin’s grave when I took my lunch time strolls. Amazing. anyway, this door is a nod to history and that part of the city.

Christmas Art Countdown Day 4

One thing I miss about living in Florida is the Winter activities. When I lived up North, I was trying to get out more to do things outside. One thing about Long Island is that they would get snow there and it would last a while. One Sunday, John and I put our hiking boots on and hiked through a local state park in the snow. We really enjoyed it except that snowshoes or cross county skis would have been been better and we wanted to do more of that but life has a mind of it’s own and here we are in Florida. Not that we are complaining. It went down into the 40’s last night and we remembered why we don’t miss the cold.

I still have my ice skates, though.

Winter Sweater

Day 2 of the Christmas Art Countdown. If I still lived in the snow belt I would have to consider getting a sweater like this. I had fun designing it.

Winter Sweater