Happy Veteran’s Day to those who served for our country.

I am still working on that food project but it’s in a messy stage right now so it isn’t quite feeling photogenic.

However, I am posting a rare glimpse into my morning portrait sketchbook. I don’t post these every day because they aren’t meant to be works of art. They are my way to focus. It’s a nice way to start the day and the quirky sketches actually give me ideas for characters. I use the SKTCHY App for my references photos most of the time.

The reference photo for this sketch had a man looking out over what looked like Manhattan and he had a chocolate/coffee looking drink in a cocktail glass in his hand, with a SWEDISH FISH as a garnish.

I had to look at it twice. Cool. Would love to know what drink it was so I did the sketch. I like practicing profiles anyway.

I also posted the sketch on SKTCHY. It’s always interesting when the little blue flowers in the paper show up in the right places.

If you would like to see more Art Every Day Participants, please go to the website.

AEDM Day 5

Here is the digitized version on yesterday’s sketch….if is looks a wee bit blurry, that’s because it’s low resolution for internet posting.

AEDM Day 4

I am working on another project and this is my sketch. I have already scanned it and I will load it into Procreate. I will then turn this sketch into something digital…

Stay tuned….

AEDM Day 3

I worked on a couple of things today but I didn’t think you wanted to see some boring prepped boards so this is from my morning routine. 2 boxes for the weekly is done and the little green guy is a blob exercise I do every morning.

I am also including my Sketch Design Repeat 3×3 submission that I submitted Friday for holiday baubles. I haven’t posted yet this yet on social media.

AEDM Day 2

I have had a busy day today. It was a gorgeous day here by Jensen Beach. It’s been windy all day and the wind brought in cooler weather. We opened all the windows. It won’t last long. In a couple of days it will probably be around 80 again but we’ll take what we can get.

Here are my morning sketches, if you saw yesterday’s post, you’ll see how I filled the first daily box from yesterday. I was outside when I did the daily box and my uniball spit some ink. It does that once in a while. I also did my Sktchy portraits, one is a timed 5 minute and the other is a Cheater Blind Contour. Those are my warm up sketches for the day and I don’t worry if they are perfect. I used to worry about perfectionism until I realized that from an illustrator point of view, my best character potential came from the imperfect and spontaneous sketches.

Also today, I started a little holiday project. I pulled out my scented Daniel Smith holiday colors. The red is peppermint. The yellow is mulled cider and they smell good. However, the green is pine or Christmas tree, but it smells like Pine Sol. Oh well, two outta three isn’t bad.

Last but not least is my sample spread below for a story that John and I are putting together. I signed up for a Children’s book writing course this time last year but it actually didn’t start until October 12, 2020. There are lots of good tips and John and I came up with a story together while were taking our morning walk. More to come on that.

Art Every Day Month

It’s November, again. Last November we were packing to move to Florida so anything that I regularly did this time of year went right out the window. Usually I followed Inktober with Art Every Day Month. I didn’t last year.

I am settled at the moment in our garage. We had plans to build a studio in our backyard but after much discussion, I suggested we wait. I don’t like creating in the garage but I guess it’s better than the kitchen table.

Where did the Dragon go? He’s around. I think he’s digging a hole out back.

OK, so what is Art Every Day Month? AEDM was created by Leah Kolidas. I found out about AEDM from Kelly Rae Roberts, many years ago. In a nutshell, all you have to do is create every day. It’s very simple. You don’t have to finish something every day; you use this month to focus on a project. It can be ANYTHING. It can be sewing, or crocheting. It can be a painting or drawing. You can write poetry or write a story. The idea is in this busy time leading into the holidays, you take the time to do something creative, for you. It’s actually liberating to create for the sake of creating. There’s no popularity contest like some of these on line challenges, there is just you and whatever you decided to tackle. Each day, you post what you did either on Facebook or you post it to your blog, if you have one, and link to Leah’s AEDM blog.

If you decide to participate, you can find out more here:

So what did I do today? I prepped by daily page for the week and I added today’s entry for last week. I work Monday through Sunday so today ends the previous week.

Here is my two page spread with last week and this week…

That’s it. Easy Breezy. No fanfare. No competition. I created something.

This isn’t the only thing I did today, but this is an excellent example of what AEDM is.

Try it. Create.